The Nobel Committee has demonstrated itself to be every bit the caricature that the neocons and other Euro-lefty bashers have made of them.  Furthermore this is therefore a much needed reminder of how positively assinine and idiotic that elite can be.  Some smart people, like Steve Walt and Philip Giraldi, have suggested that this might be intended to give Obama the moral authority he needs to do the right thing in Iran, Afghanistan, and perhaps even Israel/Palestine, and that’s conceivable.  But one wonders if this means the Nobel Committee is really just as painfully pathetic as, say, Gordon Brown, in strong-arming their way into making it look like they matter in the big picture.

But of course, it goes without saying that the predictable hysteria from our neocon friends is at least equally nauseating and contemptible.  So perhaps then this is all taking for place for no other reason than to further the neocons’ self-discreditation.