The ABC News Blog is reporting on statements by one of last year’s memorable campaign sideshows along with excerpts from a forthcoming book by Richard Wolffe on the Obama campaign on his confrontation with Rev. Wright at the height of the episode.

This is worth revisiting because it helps answer one of the more perplexing questions of this period in American politics: Why is there absolutely no space for a black radical dissent from the embrace of Obama, even to merely voice the notion that he’s a sellout?  (Check out this exception that proves the rule).

According to Wolffe, Obama tried to reason with Wright in a conciliatory tone but would not budge, and that Obama felt genuinely betrayed.  Seen another way, Rev. Wright was trying to create that political space, but failed spectacularly.  I suspect that this was because it was just too obvious what he was doing, not least of all to black voters who retain fresh memories of COINTELPRO plants.

If Rev. Wright can therefore be interpreted as an attempted “plant” (and for the record I firmly believe he was doing his thing last spring solely for reasons of his own), why should he suddenly resurface now lashing out at “the Jews” around Obama?

I suspect because of desperation to talk up “the threat of anti-Semitism” as Obama prepares to negotiate with the “holocaust deniers” in Iran.  While there is absolutely no evidence to suggest yesterday’s Holocaust Museum shooter was anything but a lone nut, the unavoidable media chest-beating about “extremism” fits all too conveniently into this narrative and with impeccable timing to boot.

We can expect a lot more hysterical anti-anti-Semitism as the inevitable continues to unfold in the Greater Middle East.  But in dealing with the Israel Lobby and its media allies, Obama has many cards to play, including an extremely powerful one:  Do they really want to find out what will happen in this country if Obama is widely seen as losing re-election because of them?