The Forward has a symposium on the legacy of Joe Lieberman now that he’s leaving office, with a contribution by Josh Muravchik of AEI, lamenting the passing from the scene of the last “true Democrat”.  There is probably no one more plainly unqualified to identify a true democrat, small d or large, than Josh Muravchik.

As for the large, Muravchik’s career as a professional neocon goes all the way back to the founding of the Coalition for a Democratic Majority, with its insipid paraphrase on McGovern’s call for America to come home, “Come Home Democrats”, oblivious to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, they would at last return home to Jefferson and Bryan.

But its the small, of course that is really in the news right now.  For Muravchik has also had the sad duty since the election of Obama to be the leading advocate for the would be Ahmed Chalabis of the Arab world presently in revolt against American hegemony.  His role in the neoconservative epoch therefore is thus doomed to be that of whatever poor soul was Gus Hall‘s best ally in the Politburo in the 1980s.

Yet Muravchik will have made at least one small positive contribution to mankind:  It is to him that I owe having ever first heard of the subject of my forthcoming book.