As of 11 AM Eastern Standard Time, the only item on the Commentary blog since 7 PM last night is about Amy Chua.  The preceding item is a lament for Lebanon by the odd gentile Eustonite Michael Totten.  The Weekly Standard only showed last night’s Brett Baier panel discussion on the events in the Middle East, which stayed comfortably at the level of nonsensically arguing that this vindicates the Bush democracy agenda.  There is plenty of hysteria to go around about Hezbollah, to be sure, but with that revealing exception the silence of the neocons on the transnational mob that threatens to overthrow all of their pet dictators is deafening.

After the announcement of the Hitler-Stalin Pact, the Daily Worker infamously suspended publication for nearly a week before they could get the party line strait.  There is a story, perhaps apocryphal, that when Hitler invaded Russia two years later, a Communist speaker in Union Square had the news whispered in his ear that forced a 180 degree turn in the tone and substance of his speech.

The neocons, over lo these many decades, have had innumerable twists and turns in their party line to put the Comintern to shame.  But this may finally, at long last, be their Hitler-Stalin Pact moment, to completely turn their world upside-down.  The weakly articulated wistfulness for George W. Bush giving them that old Shachtmanism signals a knowledge that liberty in the Arab world must ultimately mean the end of Israel as a Jewish state, and therefore if they say much more at all it is to shriek about Hezbollah.

So sure enough, in the course of writing this the Commentary blog sent out its reliable shabbos goy John Steele Gordon to assure the restive cadres that the People’s Democracy is in fact still on the march.

This video of the greatest song ever written about international relations and political commitment says it all.