Granted, John’s articulation of the argument nowhere approaches the extremes broached in the past by Brendan O’Neill, for one, but it is shocking to look back on those who saw Obama as the ultimate armed liberal internationalist in light of the neocon lamentation of his “abandonment of democracy”.  Sam Tanenhaus, in lamenting the fall of Hillary Clinton, was essentially right in making the point that the influences that shaped Obama were more leftist than liberal.

(The exception that may prove the rule is apparently Reinhold Niebuhr, of whom I can not help affirming both the conservative embrace and the bitter reproaches of both the isolationist firebrand Harry Elmer Barnes as “that S.O.B.” as well as the hardy old socialist Louis Waldman in denouncing him as a fellow traveler.)

If anything, old-fashioned Wilsonianism is now the province of the unholy alliance of Marty Peretz and company with the loony liberals at Huffington Post who are presently hounding Obama, ostensibly from the left.