This summary on has it exactly right – two pragmatic Republicans won big in Governor’s races while the candidate of “the movement”, Doug Hoffman, lost rather decisively.  One can only hope that the teabaggers cause similar damage in the coming year, as they’re now threatening several Republican Senate prospects, apparently among them the odious Mark Kirk in Illinois.  And lest any rock-ribbed paleos despair that this means David Frum and his “new majority” will be in the driver’s seat, we can be sure that they will do as well by the Republicans as the DLC by the Democrats.

I must say it was also heartening to see the Mayor’s race here in the Big Apple surprisingly close.  It makes me pine for the left-populist “democracy” panaceas of my youth upon reflecting that Bloomberg received the votes of only one of every sixteen New Yorkers.  May he get nothing but hell for his third term.