SOVIET ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA* — I think that this one speaks for itself: the wholly uncharitable tone, the irrational Zionism (and concomitant need to label anything smacking of critical judgment of Israel as “anti-Semitism”), referring to Buchanan’s book as “pro-Hitler”, making Novak out to be a self-loathing (former) Jew, the use of “pro-Muslim” as an epithet, and so forth. It’s everything that you could possibly want from a neoconservative wrapped into one funny (but not “Ha, ha”-funny) screed.

An excerpt:

**** UPDATE: One thing I forgot to put in this column, which I’ll add now: Robert Novak desperately wanted to be a WASPy patrician like his writing partner Rowland Evans. But even after he adopted his Jew-hating tone and converted away to Catholicism, Novak lamented that Rowland Evans never socialized with him away from work, never invited him to his fancy parties at his tony Georgetown home. Because, you see, no matter how much Bob Novak hated himself and wanted to get away from being a Jew, his anti-Semitic partner–to whom he pandered and like whom he desperately wanted to be–still saw him as a dirty Jew. Sometimes justice is poetic, indeed.

Oy vey! Requiescat in pace, Bob Novak.

*It’s downright depressing that, as we feared and fought off the “Red Menace”, we so ably mimicked the Bolshevik degradation of the public realm with dreary, soulless buildings, like those here in Crystal City, where I’ve spent the last week.