There seem to be a number of misconceptions about my blog on Gary Johnson.  I intended it to be mainly political analysis and not so much boosterism.  Anyone who knows me will know that pot-smoking school voucher boosterism is definitely not my bag, my enthusiasm stems mainly from the potential shake-up of the system Johnson would represent.

Jim Antle misrepresents the substance of my blog totally by saying I’m suggesting Johnson could win.  I make crystal clear what the obstacles would be in my already optimistic scenario.  As for his particulars, the recent vote in California notwithstanding, I find it difficult to believe that the pot issue can be effectively demagogued in this day and age, even in a Republican primary.  On immigration, Antle certainly has a point, but Johnson could easily triangulate on immigration as Antle suggests he could on abortion, taking a law-enforcement-first approach which is already a proven winner with the Republican gains among Hispanics in the midterm.

Larison’s argument about New Hampshire not being so fertile libertarian ground I think misses the point.  Again, I state clearly that my scenario is premised on Romney self-destructing, which cannot be ruled out when he has an ever-growing reputation for phoniness and has not been heard from in a while.  Lest we forget why he self-destructed when he already had a lot going for him in 2008, and one can not assume that the Mormon issue has suddenly disappeared either.  And again, I make it clear that Palin could be the one who self-destructs in which case Romney would probably cruise.

The bottom line about Gary Johnson is only that he is someone who can continue the broad-based appeal that made Ron Paul’s campaign so extraordinary, and potentially make major strides in mainstreaming this positive alternative for the future of the right.  It is for this reason that I suggest only that he could become a desperate choice of a large, but certainly not complete, segment of the Republican establishment.  And with things only getting worse from the war on Wikileaks to the TSA, that should be cause for hope enough.