MINT-AND-CORN COUNTRY, INDIANA — When cutting the deficit is a low enough priority that extending tax cuts for the wealthy is acceptable even as you have no interest in cutting imperialistic expenditures, what makes more sense than extending the tax cuts and renewing jobless benefits — plus, just in case we haven’t already removed enough sources of funds wherewith to pay off our brobdingnagian bills, a one-year reduction in Social Security taxes, because we clearly can afford this.

I’m not a grinch: It’s not as if I want those who struggle to find gainful unemployment in this prolonged recession to be without any source of income. I’m not a fan of supporting the Leviathan, either. That should be clear to all but the most dull-witted or willfully ignorant reader of my previous writings. Hell, I love the idea of paying less in payroll taxes! However, what I am is someone who thinks that disregarding the thirteen-point-eight-trillion-dollar elephant in the room is reckless and immoral.

Besides, if Fearless Leader is for it, ain’t I supposed to be against it?

Lisa: “Didn’t you wonder why you were getting checks for doing nothing?” Grampa: “I figured ‘cuz the Democrats were in power again.”