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The Shape Of The Curve and the Insufficiency of Monetary Policy

And as long as I’m reading Kevin Drum’s blog, he had a …

Posted October 31st, 2013

Everything Was Predictable In Retrospect

Paul Krugman thinks it was “obvious” that the Great Recession was going …

Posted July 23rd, 2013

Seriousness, Sadism and Sound Money

As someone on record as being against seriousness, but who has also …

Posted May 20th, 2013

Dark Matter And Inequality

If we use proper accounting, is America really a net-credit nation?

Posted April 8th, 2013

Entitlements, Climate Change and Borrowing For the Future

Apologies for the light (or, rather, non-existent) blogging; I’ve been holed up …

Posted January 17th, 2013

One Cheer For Production Versus Spending

Government can stimulate best by shifting its spending to capital investments shunned by a risk-averse private sector.

Posted October 4th, 2012