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RT ≠ Endorsement

On air, Liz Wahl quits Russia’s English-language propaganda network. She’s been getting …

Posted March 5th, 2014

Noah Millman Saves the Washington Post

There’s a lot to think about in Noah’s post on Jeff Bezos …

Posted August 7th, 2013

If Woodward & Bernstein Were Heroes, Why Isn’t Manning?

The sale of the Washington Post has elicited a round of Watergate-era …

Posted August 6th, 2013

Bezos Isn’t Buying a Newspaper, He’s Buying Into DC

The Washington Post deserves some credit for its own reporting on its …

Posted August 6th, 2013

How the Kermit Gosnell Story Is Like Trayvon Martin’s

The grisly details make for compelling news, but this story is about abortion, and how it emblemizes pro-life arguments.

Posted April 12th, 2013