The last time McCain at least pretended to suspend a political campaign (all for the sake of the greater good, of course), it was during our aggressive and unjust war against Yugoslavia.  Incidentally, it was right around that same time that I developed my profound dislike of McCain, which, as you may have noticed, endures to this day.  Back then, it was just as much a stunt as it is today, which he used to catapult himself into the national limelight and earn himself a reputation as some sort of bold leader.  As always, McCain’s pretensions to being a great statesman are always part of a cynical ploy to gain media attention and political advantage.  In ’99, there was the added bonus of boosting an unnecessary war, which became McCain’s m.o. from that point on.  It does make me wonder why McCain has been engaged in all of this sordid political activity for the last year and a half while our soldiers have been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I mean, doesn’t he know that there’s a war on and we must all “come together” as Americans?  After all, now is not the time for petty partisanship.