There has been a slight uptick in Obama’s national polling since he has “clinched” the nomination and it is showing up in a number of different tracking polls, but what is so striking about this uptick is how modest and small it is.  Yes, things can change, but isn’t a more or less immediate improvement the definition of receiving a “bump” from something?  If Obama’s numbers go up two or three weeks from now, this will not be a “bump” from locking up the nomination, but from something else.  Obama has been in his position as presumptive nominee for almost a week since the last primary, and yet the weekend polling seems to have shown very little movement.  Some boosters used to boast of the possibility of a ten point gain after the nomination was wrapped up, and in most polls he has gained perhaps two or three.  For the first time ever, if leaners are included, he has reached 50% in the Rasmussen tracking poll this week, and this is a mark McCain has gone over a number of times.  Count me as one underwhelmed by the rallying ’round Obama.