No, what Mr. Fukuyama sees is not merely the end of neoconservatism. It is conservatism itself that lies discredited and discarded at the feet of George W. Bush. He was anointed the standard-bearer for a philosophy he did not even understand. Conservative thinkers looked the other way while Bush set their house on fire. All they can do now is clear away the charred ruins and begin, painstakingly, to rebuild. However, they are fooling themselves if they think the new structure will resemble the old. ~Uncommon Sense

There were a notable few who noticed Mr. Bush playing with the matches, suggested that someone take the matches away from him and began making a lot of noise when the fire broke out, but, of course, we all “know” that those people hated America. Fortunately we have dishonest Canadian ex-pats with no principles to tell us these things, or we would really be in trouble.