Perhaps then former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, outgoing Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack or New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson would inspire the party to embrace policies that can win over middle-of-the-road or even Republican voters. ~Brendan Miniter

The idea of Bill Richardson winning over Republicans anywhere at anytime for any reason has got to be one of the funniest things I have come across in months.  Dem party registration and independents make up approximately 60% of New Mexican voters, and in his last election Richardson did succeed in getting this majority–against the no-experience, one-term state senator John Sanchez, who got all the GOP votes, which gave him about 33%.  Richardson did nothing in that campaign that would win over Republican voters in more competitive, normal states.  His delusions of higher office are fortunately just that.  Meanwhile, I await an answer from the Oracle for my question: “Why does anyone think Tom Vilsack has a remote chance of being nominated to run for President?”  Mark Warner is the only remotely serious one on that list–and you would have to be very foolish to count him out because of results in one unrepresentative state.  It would be like, oh, I don’t know, using Bill Richardson’s political success in the oddest state in the Union as the basis for expecting him to become a national figure.