The RJC isn’t satisfied with dishonest push-polling against Obama, and so has decided to take the line of attack used by Obama surrogate Robert Wexler* against Palin and claim that there is some connection between Obama’s view of the U.S.-Israel relationship and Pat Buchanan’s view.  While the RJC doesn’t talk about Nazi sympathizers as Wexler did, it nonetheless smears Mr. Buchanan with the usual outrageous labels.  If Palin’s connection to Mr. Buchanan was slight at best, Obama’s connection is obviously non-existent.  If Obama has started to approach a Buchananite position on any issue of foreign policy (e.g., holding talks with “rogue” states), it is almost always by accident, and on pretty much everything related to Israel and Near East policy it is more accurate to say that Obama is indistinguishable from Bush.  The RJC’s attack smears Mr. Buchanan, and it is also badly misrepresents Obama’s record in order to drive “pro-Israel” voters away from the Democrat.  One of the main problems in Obama’s foreign policy is that he proposes to change nothing fundamental about U.S. policy in the Near East, and indeed outside of Iraq he proposes to change nothing at all.  Obama is unfortunately light years away from Mr. Buchanan’s positions, and he is far, far closer to the positions held by McCain. 

*Wexler, by the way, supported the invasion of Iraq, so he has hardly been representative of the antiwar left in case there was any confusion there.