Sarah Palin endorses anticipatory self-defense preventive war, but seemingly without knowing what she is talking about.  She was not as bewildered as Philip Klein makes her sound in this post, but take his reaction as some indication of how underwhelming hawks are finding Palin to be:

But overall, she looked so rehearsed and scripted, and just kept repeating catch phrases without displaying any depth of understanding about the complexity of the national security issues being discussed. She came off very nervous, like a student who had crammed for an exam and was speaking in generalities becuase she doesn’t have an understanding of the specifics [bold mine-DL]. 

In other words, she did just about as well as McCain usually does.

P.S.  Palin also thinks we “must not blink” when it comes to sending forces into Pakistan without Islamabad’s permission.  In other words, she thinks Obama’s position on launching raids into Pakistan without their government’s permission is acceptable, while McCain thinks it is reckless and dangerous.  In this case, McCain is right and Palin is clueless.