How La Follette became an anti-imperialist. Andrew Bacevich reviews Richard Drake’s The Education of an Anti-Imperialist: Robert La Follette and U.S. Expansionism in the current issue of TAC.

The advantages of neutrality. Josh Cohen makes the case for Ukrainian neutrality as a guarantee against further Russian incursions.

The folly of continued NATO expansion. Raphael Cohen and Gabriel Scheinmann reject loose talk about expanding the alliance to include Georgia and Ukraine:

Expanding NATO to new members without committing the resources and political will to defend them is not only inconsistent, but also dangerous and irresponsible.

Voting on Ukraine at the U.N. Matt Ford tallies up the different voting blocs at the General Assembly.

What killed William Henry Harrison? Jane McHugh and Philip Mackowiak suggest a different cause for the ninth president’s untimely death.

A view of WWI from the trenches. Franz-Stefan Gady surveys the personal diary of Egon Erwin Kisch, a soldier in the imperial army of Austria-Hungary.

Mapping China. Rachel Lu reports on the controversy and misunderstanding in China over Angela Merkel’s gift of an 18th-century map of the country.

USAID’s bizarre mission in Cuba. The AP reports on the aid agency’s clandestine and short-lived “Cuban Twitter” effort.

What Pollard sold. Shane Harris recounts what the convicted spy did.

South Sudan’s marred independence. Katrina Manson reviews James Copnall’s A Poisonous Thorn in Our Hearts: Sudan and South Sudan’s Bitter and Incomplete Divorce.