Sullivan picks up on a dishonest NRCC commercial aimed at Tammy Duckworth, the Democratic candidate for the House in IL-6, DuPage County.  The ad claims, among other things, that Duckworth supports amnesty for illegal immigrants.  On that point in particular, the NROniks have undermined this particular smear campaign, as they have a post showing a Duckworth advertisement in which she specifically rejects this claim and makes clear her opposition to amnesty.  What is most egregious about this sort of ad campaign is that the biggest, most prominent proponent of amnesty is none other than Mr. Bush.  The ridiculous Tom Reynolds and his NRCC, which has defunded one of the most credible and forthright restrictionists in Randy Graf in AZ-8 after they actively opposed him in the primary, have shown their real loyalties when it comes to backing up Republican candidates who oppose amnesty.  They have zero credibility on this question.

Separately, in another Illinois politics-related note, I noticed a hilarious bumper sticker on the back of the SUV of a proud Roskam supporter.  Next to the Roskam sticker was one that said: “Fight Corruption. Fire Blagojevich.”  Now Blagojevich is certainly corrupt, but you have the admire the chutzpah of Illinois GOP voters in getting on anyone’s case for corruption.