The New York Post has reached the point of self-pardody:

Let’s be frank: Were the MeK to play the critical role in derailing an Iranian bomb, it would be far more deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize than a certain president of the United States we could mention.

Of course, the MEK isn’t in any danger of playing a “critical role in derailing an Iranian bomb.” Assuming the NBC report is correct, the group has been murdering a handful of nuclear scientists, which does very little to delay Iran’s nuclear program. Not only is the editorial endorsing terrorism, it is endorsing ineffective terrorism as well. Defenders of the Israel-MEK partnership can’t even hide behind the amoral “ends justify the means” argument, because supporting these acts of MEK terrorism against Iran achieves nothing except to kill Iranian scientists for the sake of killing them. It shouldn’t need to be spelled out, but enabling terrorists to murder civilians for any reason undermines international peace and security. The editorial is titled “loose lips,” as if confirming something the Iranian government already knows has any effect on Israel’s ability to use terrorists to kill Iranian civilians.

It’s fitting that the editorial doesn’t care that the MEK is a recognized terrorist group:

So who cares whether the MeK is a designated terror group?

No doubt they say the same thing about Hamas all the time.