Freddy correctly identified the musical instrument used in this McCain ad as a duduk, which I find to be one of the most beautiful-sounding instruments in the world, but then I am also a fan of the bagpipes.  While the duduk is typically Armenian, it is used along with a host of other instruments in Armenian folk music that are found throughout the Near East and along much of the Mediterranean basin, such as the kamancha, the ud and the like.  Armenian and Iranian musical traditions have strongly influenced one another, not only because of the countries’ geographical proximity but also because of the many linguistic, cultural and historical ties between Iran and Armenia that date back into antiquity.  The strange thing is that duduk music is not menacing, so it is lousy accompaniment for an attack ad that is supposed to instill fear.  Very often, duduk music is very melancholy and sad (as is so much Armenian folk music), which puts it almost entirely at odds with the images used in the video.  The ad is part of the last, dying gasp of the McCain campaign, which does not even seem to know how to instill fear properly anymore.   

P.S.  I have to thank the McCain campaign.  They may be absolutely terrible in putting together effective advertisements, but they have inspired me to spend more time brushing up on my Armenian.  Apren!