Chris Roach has an interesting post that asks where all the libertarians have gone to when it comes to talking about the cartoon row:

But the overall sense from the left and libertarian side of the blogosphere is that this is a natural and perhaps forgivable response to an intentional offense. Or it is simply not very interesting.

Mr. Roach is mostly correct. The LRC Blog is empty of any mention of it, and except for a couple of prominent articles at Antiwar and you would get the sense that paleolibertarians have no views on the matter one way or the other. (I bet we could make pretty accurate guesses as to what their views would be.) For their part, some of the folks at Reason and their blog, Hit and Run, have been following the controversy pretty closely. Here is one recent post by Tim Cavanaugh. Whether the libertarians are capable of developing a response more elaborate than “free speech is good” remains to be seen.