I know the CW–Palin has locked in the base, freeing McCain to move left. But jeez, McCain isn’t moving to the left just on immigration, and he isn’t moving subtly. Listen to this new radio ad, which might as well be titled “Stem Cell Research, Stem Cell Research, Stem Cell Research, Stem Cell Research.” That’s how often the phrase is repeated. How much more Screw-You-I’m-Taking-You-for-Granted can McCain get?  Are conservatives complete suckers? ~Mickey Kaus

I suspect this is a rhetorical question, since the come-to-Palin revival has made clear once and for all that there are no policies so offensive or objectionable to conservatives that they cannot be erased from memory by political stunts and symbolism.  McCain/Palin will endorse ESCR, but because Palin has “walked the walk,” as they say, it will not matter that McCain is still compromising a principle that pro-lifers believe is non-negotiable.  (Notice how during the Gibson interview she very carefully avoided committing a McCain administration to opposition to ESCR and kept emphasizing that she was talking about her personal opinion.)  Instead of seeing through the Palin selection as a ruse and understanding that she is being used as little more than a prop to lure social conservatives to the polls to elect an administration that will ignore them entirely, most conservatives are now completely on board with the GOP ticket.