The Tories, even after the events of the past few days, are much closer to that collapse than Labour and their supporters can actually make a big difference if they want to. If Dave Cameron fails badly in the 2007 local elections( as he did at Dunfermline) it is very hard to see what can hold his party together. We can, actually, help them to fail by the simple action of not voting for them, and of writing, in a clear, literate hand “None of the above” on our ballot papers. By this quiet, determined abstention, we could set off the political earthquake that might just eventually bring about a political reformation and so return these islands to the government desired by their inhabitants, as someone once put it. Nothing else will work, least of all voting Tory. ~Peter Hitchens

The GOP is nowhere near as poorly off as the Tories (and given our electoral system, it will probably never be that poorly off before it implodes), but the advice Mr. Hitchens offers his readers is the same I would offer to mine. In this cycle, the worst thing would be to vote Republican. It would reward (again) multiple betrayals and failure and ensure more of the same.