Jennifer Rubin is spinning yarns about Heather Wilson:

Wilson is a conservative in what has lately been a blue state.

I grew up in New Mexico, and I was still a voter there while I was in college and graduate school. I made the mistake of once voting for Heather Wilson in the 2000 election after she replaced Rep. Steve Schiff, and this was a mistake I am happy to say I never repeated. From the beginning, Wilson was not a conservative, and conservatives in New Mexico understood that very well. She was hand-picked by Domenici to be the nominee in the special election that first put her in office, and when she ran for the Senate four years ago the state party leaders unsuccessfully tried to do the same thing.

While in the House, she voted for Medicare Part D, and used that vote as a selling point in her re-election campaigns, and obviously she was and still is pro-choice. She was also a lockstep supporter of every bad national security and foreign policy measure that came before the House in the Bush era, including falling in line to vote for the Iraq war authorization. She had a lifetime ACU rating of 76. By any normal standard, she should be considered a moderate Republican with a hawkish record on foreign policy. She is the Lindsey Graham of New Mexico. Whatever else one wants to say about her or her chances of winning in the fall, she isn’t a conservative in any meaningful sense of the term.