Instead, she [Palin] went with the common sense position — Obama’s position. ~Yglesias

This just also happens to be the wrong position, and one that McCain did not explicitly reject on Friday.  He said that you shouldn’t talk about it in public, which means that he favors doing stupid, dangerous things in secret.  You have to admire the sort of willful partisanship and obliviousness to Pakistan’s own hostile response to “the common sense position” that makes it possible for progressives to laud an objectively terrible policy just because Obama has endorsed it.  Frankly, I much prefer the sputtering disbelief of Robert Dreyfuss to the embarrassing spinning that Obama’s defenders on the left enjoy doing.  Dreyfuss may be overreacting (after all, what did he expect?), but at least he is willing to acknowledge that there are sane foreign policy views that Obama could have articulated and didn’t.