Apocalypto keeps looking better and better (a new trailer is available).  I have also heard good things from advance viewers.

One advance viewer, Peter Suderman, writes:

Ross Douthat points out that, despite Mel Gibson’s personal and media troubles, he’s still a formidable force at the box office. To which I would add (and this is coming from someone not entirely thrilled with The Passion) that he’s also an extremely impressive filmmaker as well.

And now, after having seen Apocalypto, all I can say is: you really have no idea. I mean, not to hyperbolate or anything, but … wow.

Update: There are going to be critics who say that the film is not historically accurate.  Where would they get that idea?  I will pretend to be shocked that the man who made Braveheart (a first-rate “fact-based” movie!) is taking liberties with history.  I will probably then go back and buy another ticket.