Foremost among them is that Obama has yet to win a major state other than his own (Illinois) because he’s still having trouble appealing to both Hispanics and working-class Democrats –those so-called Reagan Democrats. ~Steven Stark

As I suggested some weeks back, the profile of Obama’s wins and Romney’s was remarkably similar, and this pattern has continued through this week.  Stark has looked at the “scrambled map” idea and has found it wanting just as I have:

But a more accurate analysis is that while McCain would be competitive in many states — even California — once considered safely Democratic, it’s hard to see as many comparable states where Obama might do the same.

In addition to this Romney-like weakness in large states, he has Huckabee-like weaknesses with Catholic voters for what are probably obvious reasons on life and marriage.  Add to this his weak hold on Democratic voters, and you have the makings of an electoral collapse.