Nobody else has a proxy-theocolonial relationship with nonstate terrorist armies. ~James Poulos

Nobody except Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Venezuela, and Albania, to name a few that spring to mind (you could certainly argue the “theo” part for Venezuela, but everything else fits)–unless we don’t count the funding and arming of terrorist proxies who wage jihad or (allegedly) fight for Christ.  That doesn’t even get us into the rest of Africa.  East and Central African states that engage in this kind of proxy support for terrorist armies, who wave the Bible with one hand and carry an AK with the other, are virtually a dime a dozen.  Like everything else related to Africa, this is Not Supposed To Count, because we know that the only threats to international stability come from Muslims in very specific parts of the world.

Nobody else is working so diligently and flauntingly toward nuclear armament.

Except for North Korea.

And nobody else is publicly advocating the obliteration from the planet of another state.

So the one thing that might be said to be unique about Iranian foreign policy is that its elected, relatively powerless President, who does not set Iranian foreign policy and has no control over its arsenal, has given uniquely aggressive speeches.  Well, in that case, let us tremble and be afraid.   

Update: Plus, there’s also this to consider.