Israel is losing this war.

This is not to say that it will lose the war, or that the war was unwinnable to start with. But if it keeps going as it is, Israel is headed for the greatest military humiliation in its history. ~Bret Stephens,

Via Leon Hadar

This comes from the same outfit that still decries as defeatist anyone who suggests that the Iraq war has turned or is turning into a strategic defeat for the United States.  As with the accusations against war opponents in the Iraq debate, the Journal‘s editors (Mr. Stephens is one of them) have lost their grip and have become, as Leon Hadar correctly noted, hysterical.  Israel’s “greatest military humiliation”?  Greater than the Lebanese quagmire of the 1980s?  Greater than nearly being overrun by inferior-quality forces?  Greater than needing to be bailed out by massive American armour shipments in 1973?  If Israel is suffering humiliation now, what state of abject degradation was it in back then?