Clearly, Bob Wright is a keen observer of Obama’s foreign policy and the political scene.  The Nader references in this diavlog got me to thinking again about how much of a Nader effect there could be this year.  I am on record as laughing at Nader’s candidacy, but he could still be a significant problem for Obama in certain states.  Here is a not-entirely-outlandish scenario: upset by Obama’s support for the PATRIOT Act, his record on Lebanon and his latest AIPAC speech, Arab-Americans, Muslims and progressives in a highly competitive state such as Michigan opt for Nader out of disillusionment with Obama that is made worse by episodes such as this.  Combined with the Green candidate’s vote, Nader could pull away a significant number of voters in a crucial swing state that has a relatively large Arab-American and Muslim population, thus potentially aiding McCain’s election.