The new CFTR is predicated on the belief that “the conditions of the party today are almost identical to what they were in 1977,” the official said. “By 1977, the party had been betrayed by corruption and betrayal of conservative principles.” ~Marc Ambinder

Citing this report, Yglesias draws attention to an old 2006 op-ed by Craig Shirley, who is heading up the new effort.  One of the sources of resentment that Shirley identified that makes no sense to me whatever is the presence of “a League of Nations mentality” in the GOP.  Is this some roundabout way of saying Wilsonian idealism?  It’s hard to tell, since the main Wilsonians in the GOP today are Max Boot’s so-called “hard Wilsonians” (a.k.a., neocons, whom Boot believes do not exist) whose attitudes towards international institutions are rather closer to those of the Imperial Japanese or the Italians towards the actual League of Nations c. 1937.  If there were a lot of Republicans espousing a “League of Nations mentality,” it might very well create resentment, but I have to say that this is one element of a GOP crack-up that I don’t see.