Here’s my point. Not no way, not no how, am I conceding this election. No way. No how. This election is winnable. This election is not over. And no conservative who looks at the reality of what losing this election will mean can afford to think otherwise. Not no way, not no how. ~Stanley Kurtz

Now I believe this is what one of the guards in the Emerald City (no Chandrasekaran jokes, please) when the four tried to gain an audience with the Wizard.  Besides the double negatives, what is the problem here?  The characters in The Wizard of Oz did get to see the Wizard (otherwise it would have been a rather short and anticlimactic story), so the Republicans will also in all likelihood lose this election, shrieking exclamations filled with denial notwithstanding.  Viewed this way, it suggests that everything that Kurtz is saying is just a lot of bluster to keep people from seeing the monumental fraud that he, like the Emerald City guard, is charged with defending.  Viewed another way, using the quote in this way suggests that the Republicans are like a callous guard at the Emerald City (no Green Zone jokes, please) that is denying the voters their hearts’ desires.  With clever campaign rhetoric like this, how could the GOP ever lose?