They point out many of the same things that others have said, but it’s handy to have it all on hand in one place.  The Unholy Alliance of the “McCain-Lieberman Party” has no natural supporters outside of the editorial offices of a few self-important magazines and newspapers and certain circles of the foreign policy establishment, but it is good to show it for what it is when we can.  My favourite was that Lieberman’s ACU rating has actually gone down since 2000, when it was at a whopping great 20.  Sounds like somebody from the kooky fringe left to me, and we know what the Republican media think about those people.  By the way, McCain got an 80 rating from the ACU for 2005 (lifetime 83) compared to Lieberman’s 8–which I think exaggerates his conservatism by leaps and bounds, but no matter–so the two of them have only two things in common: fawning admirers in the media and an enthusiasm for foreign conflict.

Update: To put these ACU ratings in context and to provide some warning about using the ACU’s numbers as a measure of true-blue conservatism, consider that George Allen received a 100 for 2005 (lifetime 92), Elizabeth Dole received a 96 (lifetime 89) and Bill Frist received a 92 (lifetime 89).  If these people are really that truly conservative, I’ll eat my hat.  Of course, what passes for conservative at the ACU doesn’t really make the cut in my neighbourhood.