The Ted Haggard scandal is ugly enough that it certainly didn’t need the omnipresent hyena-like yipping of Andrew Sullivan to be added to it.  He comes at this issue with barely suppressed glee at the uncovering of a high-powered evangelical minister with ties to the administration who is found to be a grand hypocrite on the issue nearest and dearest to Sullivan’s heart, namely homosexuality.  He has used this dreadful episode and this man’s fall into disgrace as more fuel for his theologically illiterate, historically nonsensical assault on the power of “fundamentalism” in the conservative movement, somehow tying Mr. Haggard’s alleged wrongdoing to Rumsfeld’s mismanagement of the war and Brown’s mishandling of Katrina.  According to the man’s monomania, “fundamentalism” is everywhere on the right and everyone whom he dislikes on the right is some kind of “fundamentalist,” which works out very nicely to prove that “fundamentalism”…is everywhere.