What is it about this election that causes people to say absolutely crazy things?  John McCain is a tsaddik!  John McCain is like Tsar-Martyr Nikolai!  What profound confusion or monomania can people suffer from that allows them to compare blithely one of the worst presidential candidates in my lifetime to revered and holy figures?  I would not show disrespect to my Catholic friends by comparing the ridiculous members of our political class, particularly one known for his reflexive support for wars that have directly harmed Catholic communities in the Near East, to Blessed Karl of Austria for any reason.  Endorse McCain as the lesser of two evils if you must, but spare us the sacrilege.

On the specific policy matter at hand, there is an assumption here that the so-called Freedom of Choice Act would pass the House in which conservative Democrats make up a fifth of the majority.  This is a very questionable assumption, to say the least.