Here is an item from Jonathan Martin’s blog that drives home how the impulse of many Republicans and conservatives to lean towards backing Obama is usually both superficial and absolutely irrational:

Even for unhappy Republicans, who’ve soured on the party and flirted with Obama it [Palin’s speech] was a flash of light in a dismal season for the GOP.

“Sarah Barracudda kicked ass — and my vote is back on the market!” gushed one Obamacan.

Think about this.  Here you have a Republican who has soured on the party, presumably because of its poor policies, its lack of competence or some combination of the two, and he is so disillusioned that he felt drawn to a Democratic nominee who probably holds absolutely none of his views, perhaps simply because Obama is not the Republican.  One well-delivered speech later given by the Vice Presidential nominee filled with what was largely boilerplate rhetoric, and suddenly the GOP ticket seems like a viable alternative to him again. 

With all respect to Gov. Palin, who delivered an effective stemwinder that had a number of amusing lines in it, the conditioned responses that conservatives are having to Palin’s speech is frankly depressing.  For all of their complaints and criticisms about McCain’s deviations, conservatives are now falling into line even more pathetically than usual.  Seeing this display, I am tempted to think that even Giuliani could have won the nomination, chosen a similar running mate and nothing would have changed. 

Practically everything that you, the average conservative, like about Sarah Palin is opposed and negated by what John McCain stands for and has represented for pretty much his entire career, but still conservatives are reacting deliriously to a speech whose ultimate purpose is to co-opt them into backing a presidential candidate whose policies on vital national questions are antithetical to everything they value.  Does her small-town ethos impress you and inspire some identification with her?  McCain embraces the policies promoting globalization and mass immigration that are gradually transforming your small towns beyond recognition.  Does her hostility to Washington elites please you?  McCain serves and always has served the interests of those elites, and his immigration legislation was just the most recent and egregious form of this.  Like the undead creature it resembles, the GOP establishment will feed off of every bit of the energy, vivacity and authenticity that Palin possesses in its bid to keep conservatives serving their goals.  Do not help the creature to feed on its victim.