Fearing that worse is still to come, Adelman believes that neoconservatism itself — what he defines as “the idea of a tough foreign policy on behalf of morality, the idea of using our power for moral good in the world”—is dead, at least for a generation. After Iraq, he says, “it’s not going to sell.” ~Vanity Fair

However, before we start celebrating such a happy turn of events, I have noted that the neocons will be a lot harder to get rid of than having one of their disastrously botched interventionist wars.  (Remember, there are two wicked witches in the story, and we have probably only gotten rid of one of them so far.)  Consider this Vanity Fair piece another part of their attempt to rehabilitate themselves and declare themselves innocent of everything that happened in Iraq.  Perle says he is “damn tired” of being called an architect of the war.  Fine by me.  Let’s go back to calling him the Prince of Darkness.