Getting to victory will be an ugly thing. Our weapons will kill innocents, just as they did in Nagasaki and Dresden. And we will suffer our own losses. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that America will have to suffer a grievous loss before unshackling its own might. And our first grievous loss will not be our last. Like any global conflagration, this one will be full of horrors, horrors that most refuse to contemplate. ~Dean Barnett

Via Prof. Bainbridge

In typically shrewd neocon fashion, the ultimate logic of Mr. Barnett’s argument is, so far as I can tell, kill them all and let God sort them out.  Why we tolerate such savage ideas–particularly from the people who have already demonstrated monumental ignorance of the people in the region they deem so vital to our interests–escapes me.  Before the end Mr. Barnett and his friends will be saying, “The horror, the horror.”