Some Republicans in Congress have a terrible idea for the Romney campaign:

Mitt Romney should visit Israel soon, Republican lawmakers say, claiming that such a trip would highlight the fact that President Obama has not been there during his first term.

This makes no more sense than Romney’s habit of campaigning on foreign policy issues. He has very little to gain by going abroad, and he has already gone as far as possible in pandering to “pro-Israel” voters by claiming that his first foreign trip once in office will be to Israel. Considering the apparent lack of campaign discipline on foreign policy, Romney would be unwise to go on a foreign visit as a candidate to a region where there is great potential for making embarrassing missteps. There are very few likely Romney voters under the impression that it matters that Obama hasn’t visited Israel yet. It would be another bit of egregious pandering, and it wouldn’t even yield many results. Since he has already said that there should not be “one inch of space” between the U.S. and Israel, there is no way that he can shore up his support from “pro-Israel” voters more than he has, but he can reveal how inexperienced and unqualified he is. It will also be one more distraction from what Romney ought to be spending his time doing, which is repairing his poor public image here at home by focusing all of his attention on domestic concerns.