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Cotton’s Unhinged Syria Policy

In place of a proxy war, Cotton would risk a major war with a nuclear-armed state.

Posted November 25th, 2015

The Downing of the Russian Jet and the Folly of Intervention

This incident should be a sobering warning for everyone in the West that wants to impose a “no-fly zone” in Syria.

Posted November 25th, 2015

Clinton’s Reckless and Flawed Syria Policy

Clinton’s plan suffers from many of the same flaws as Bush’s.

Posted November 23rd, 2015

Rubio’s Extremely Dangerous Plan for the War on ISIS

Rubio would risk a shooting war with Russia by trying to defeat ISIS and Assad at the same time.

Posted November 19th, 2015

Rubio, the Hard-liners’ Factional Candidate

Rubio has gone out of his way to give hard-liners everything they could want on foreign policy.

Posted November 19th, 2015

Carson and the GOP’s Foreign Policy Ignorance Problem

Almost all of the Republican candidates are woefully unprepared and lacking in foreign policy experience.

Posted November 18th, 2015

Kasich’s Odd Idea for a New Propaganda Agency

Kasich’s promotion of “Judeo-Christian Western values” is likely to land with a thud with the target audiences that he wants to reach.

Posted November 18th, 2015

Carson’s (and the GOP’s) Crazy Syria Rhetoric

Shrugging off the dangers of a major war is what one expects from children and pundits, not from the people that aspire to be president.

Posted November 12th, 2015

Revisiting Rubio’s Exaggerated Reputation on Foreign Policy

Rubio continues to benefit from an unearned reputation for foreign policy savvy.

Posted November 12th, 2015

Support for a “No-Fly Zone” in Syria Should Be Disqualifying

In a sane foreign policy debate, the people agitating for a clash with a nuclear-armed great power would be met with derision and scorn.

Posted November 11th, 2015

The Fourth Republican Debate

This was Paul’s best debate by far.

Posted November 11th, 2015

More Questions That Should Be Asked, But Won’t Be

Five questions the candidates should be asked.

Posted November 10th, 2015

The U.S. Plans to Throw More Weapons into Syria

All that this does is ensure that the conflict takes even longer to end.

Posted November 5th, 2015

Cluster Bombs and Double Standards

It is only when U.S. proxies are coming under attack that the administration objects publicly to their use.

Posted November 2nd, 2015

Carson’s Confrontational Foreign Policy

Like the other hawkish candidates, Carson has embraced mindless and unnecessary confrontation as the core of his foreign policy.

Posted November 2nd, 2015

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

How popular is peace? Michael Desch analyzes the findings of the Chicago …

Posted October 23rd, 2015

McCain’s Warped Definition of Morality

It is revealing that McCain objects so strenuously to an agreement that lessens the risks to U.S. pilots.

Posted October 21st, 2015