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No, Warren Shouldn’t Run for President

A presidential campaign would be a trap for Warren.

Posted January 14th, 2015

Why Hard-liners Rely on Stale Cliches

It’s an exercise in reaffirming their ideological assumptions.

Posted December 18th, 2014

The War Against ISIS and the “Constitutionally Fastidious” Obama

The AUMF debate is supposed to distract us from the president’s claim that he already has the authority to wage the war.

Posted November 13th, 2014

The Weird AUMF Debate

Obama is prepared to let Congress have its ritual with the understanding that he will ignore its decision unless it approves his war.

Posted November 12th, 2014

Lindsey Graham: The Embodiment of Everything Wrong with the GOP

He is the walking reminder of why most Americans shouldn’t trust Republicans to conduct foreign policy.

Posted October 3rd, 2014

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

What Scottish independence would (and wouldn’t) mean. Angus Roxburgh reflects on what …

Posted September 12th, 2014

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

The case for restraint. William Ruger reviews Barry Posen’s Restraint for the …

Posted August 29th, 2014

Obama, Congress, and War Powers

It should go without saying that Congressional authorization is required for an ongoing war against ISIS.

Posted August 28th, 2014

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

To bomb or not to bomb. Micah Zenko objects to reducing foreign …

Posted June 20th, 2014

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Why We Lost. Mark Thompson reports on the forthcoming book from Lt. …

Posted May 23rd, 2014

Syria and the Iraq War’s Effects

Robert Golan-Vilella thinks that Americans’ reluctance to intervene in other conflicts can’t …

Posted May 5th, 2014

Killing Syrians For Ukraine (II)

Robert Golan-Vilella also rejects Slaughter’s terrible proposal for what the U.S. should …

Posted April 24th, 2014

U.S. Responsibility and Foreign Events

Robert Golan-Vilella comments on the bad American habit of assuming that foreign …

Posted March 6th, 2014

Cantor’s Horrible VMI Speech

The Republican House majority leader, Rep. Eric Cantor, recently delivered a speech …

Posted February 19th, 2014

More on “Neo-Isolationism”

Robert Golan-Vilella also noticed the main flaw in the Hanson article I …

Posted April 23rd, 2013

The Fruits of Threat Inflation and Warnings About “Decline”

Robert Golan-Vilella draws attention to the recent Gallup survey showing that 47% …

Posted March 4th, 2013

The Utterly Predictable and Completely Mindless Attacks on Hagel

Michael Rubin does his part to discredit critics of Hagel (via Robert …

Posted December 14th, 2012