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The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Libya and the tides of history. Noah Millman reflects on Shakespeare and …

Posted November 21st, 2014

Why the Myth of “Winning” the Iraq War Is So Harmful

The myth feeds the hawks’ ideological fantasy that the Iraq war was not wrong from the very beginning.

Posted November 17th, 2014

The U.S. and Israel: Don’t Call It a Crisis

Pretending that the U.S. has a “special” relationship with one of its clients is a mistake.

Posted October 29th, 2014

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

When Congress should assert itself and when it shouldn’t. Paul Pillar compares …

Posted October 24th, 2014

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

The secret casualties of Iraq’s chemical weapons. C.J. Chivers reports on the …

Posted October 17th, 2014

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Henry Adams and the gift of pessimism. Michael Brendan Dougherty reflects on …

Posted August 15th, 2014

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

America doesn’t need a global mission. Michael Brendan Dougherty explains why America …

Posted July 4th, 2014

The Folly of Arming the Syrian Opposition

Paul Pillar doesn’t think much of the administration’s plan to waste spend …

Posted June 30th, 2014

Do Somethingism and the Bias for Action

Paul Pillar comments on the distorting effects of the bias for action …

Posted June 27th, 2014

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

WWI as religious war. Darryl Hart reviews Philip Jenkins’ The Great and …

Posted June 13th, 2014

Withdrawals and Arbitrary Deadlines

Paul Pillar thinks an arbitrary deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan is unavoidable: …

Posted May 28th, 2014

When Keeping Military Action “On the Table” Is Useless

Jim Arkedis wants the U.S. to keep the option of using force …

Posted April 17th, 2014

Washington’s Bad Foreign Policy Habits

Paul Pillar comments on the push for NATO expansion over the last …

Posted April 7th, 2014

Sanctions and Deterrence

Paul Pillar argues for remembering how deterrence works and why it sometimes …

Posted March 31st, 2014

Western Hawks and Foreign Nationalists

Paul Pillar comments on Putin’s recent speech and finds parts of it …

Posted March 20th, 2014

The Hard-liners’ Moment

Paul Pillar responds to McCain’s claim that Putin views things entirely in …

Posted March 17th, 2014

Weekly Roundup

What would Castlereagh do in Crimea? Ryan Evans asks John Bew, the …

Posted March 14th, 2014