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Endangered Hawk Watch

As expected, Kirk and Johnson appear to be heading to defeat next week.

Posted November 2nd, 2016

2016 and the Politics of the Nuclear Deal

The nuclear deal wasn’t going to be an issue that determined many votes.

Posted October 25th, 2016

The Nuclear Deal Framework and the Ensuing Hawkish Panic

Diplomacy with Iran has once again delivered results that Iran hawks claimed to be impossible.

Posted April 2nd, 2015

Senate Hard-liners Press Ahead with New Iran Sanctions

The purpose of passing the bill now is to demonstrate how thoroughly opposed to diplomacy with Iran the majority is.

Posted January 29th, 2015

The GOP’s Long-Term Foreign Policy Problem

The policies that hawks promote are expensive, unnecessary, and make Americans less secure.

Posted November 4th, 2014

Derailing Diplomacy With Iran Makes War More Likely

Mark Wallace and David Ibsen are annoyed that Iran hawks are being …

Posted January 20th, 2014

Being Honest on Iran

Paul Pillar challenges advocates of increased sanctions to acknowledge their real position …

Posted January 2nd, 2014

Obstacles to Republican Foreign Policy Reform

Max Boot can’t figure out how the GOP lost its traditional advantage …

Posted November 15th, 2013

The “Information War” in Congress on Iran

John Hudson reports on the “information war” between Israel and the U.S. …

Posted November 15th, 2013

Kirk’s Tired and Dangerous Warning About Appeasement (II)

Mark Kirk keeps relying on tired Munich references in the Iran debate: …

Posted November 14th, 2013

Rubio’s Terrible Ideas for Diplomacy with Iran

Marco Rubio wants the U.S. to insist on demanding something from Iran …

Posted October 15th, 2013

Kirk’s Tired and Dangerous Warning About Appeasement

Sen. Mark Kirk makes a completely original and unprecedented argument against diplomacy …

Posted October 14th, 2013

The Ongoing Futility of Sanctions

Mark Kirk and Eliot Engel want to make the current cruel, pointless …

Posted August 13th, 2013