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Trump Is Still Determined to Renege on the Nuclear Deal

Trump has made it clear many times that he intends to scrap the deal, and in a few weeks we have to assume that he is going to do just that.

Posted December 12th, 2017

The IAEA Confirms Iran’s Nuclear Deal Compliance Once Again

For the ninth time in a row, the deal’s opponents have been proved completely wrong.

Posted November 13th, 2017

Avoiding War with Iran

The good news is that war with Iran is avoidable, but avoiding that war requires mostly doing the opposite of what the current administration has been doing.

Posted October 31st, 2017

The Nuclear Deal Saboteurs Aren’t Interested in ‘Fixing’ Anything

The hawks’ idea of “fixing” the agreement is akin to “fixing” a newly-built house by knocking out the support beams and a couple walls.

Posted October 31st, 2017

Iran Hawks Can’t Stop Lying About the Nuclear Deal

Our government is risking harm to our relations with allies by lying about the nuclear deal.

Posted October 19th, 2017

The Absurdity of a ‘Better’ Nuclear Deal

One major flaw in all of the proposals for “improving” the nuclear deal is that no one can explain why Iran would ever accept any changes.

Posted October 16th, 2017

Netanyahu’s Dishonesty and Delusion on the Nuclear Deal

Obviously no deal could ever satisfy Netanyahu.

Posted October 16th, 2017

McMaster’s Spin Discredits Him

McMaster might as well just declare that evidence is irrelevant to the making of administration policy.

Posted October 16th, 2017

Rubio’s Ignorant Fear-mongering on the Nuclear Deal

Denouncing the JCPOA as the “21st century equivalent to Munich” is just about the crudest, most ignorant fear-mongering conceivable.

Posted October 14th, 2017

Trump’s Abysmal Iran Speech

The speech confirmed that the U.S. is going to stay stuck in the same rut of fruitless antagonism with Iran for many years to come.

Posted October 13th, 2017

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

The awful legacy of the burn pits. Kelley Vlahos reports on Delay, …

Posted October 13th, 2017

The Destructive Corker-Cotton Bill

The Corker-Cotton bill tries to rewrite the terms of the nuclear deal unilaterally.

Posted October 13th, 2017

A Senseless ‘New Strategy’ on Iran

According to the administration’s outline, future Iran policy will be even more senseless and ill-considered than it already is.

Posted October 13th, 2017

Trump’s Weird Attacks on Corker Continue

If it had been up to Corker, there would have been no nuclear deal.

Posted October 10th, 2017

The Costs of Reneging on the Nuclear Deal

Trump’s intention to blow up the deal is all the more alarming to other governments, especially our allies, because it is so clearly unnecessary and irrational.

Posted October 10th, 2017

The Hawkish Promise of a ‘Better’ Nuclear Deal Is Nonsense

In order to distract from their support for an attack, Iran hawks conjure up the illusion of a “better” deal that even they must know would not be possible.

Posted October 10th, 2017

Pence’s Weak Defense of Administration Foreign Policy

Far from restoring the “credibility of American power,” Trump has made a number of reckless threats that he can’t back up without causing a catastrophe.

Posted October 9th, 2017