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The British Vote to Recognize Palestine

The House of Commons vote is a sign that Israel is losing ground among some of its otherwise reliable supporters in the West.

Posted October 14th, 2014

Why Israel Won’t Attack Iran

Zachary Keck lists the reasons why Israel isn’t going to attack Iran. …

Posted December 2nd, 2013

The Strangely Fragile U.S.-Israel Relationship

Matt Steinglass comments on Netanyahu’s opposition to the Iran deal: What is …

Posted November 27th, 2013

Netanyahu’s Empty Bluster

Dan Drezner tries to make sense of Israel’s recent saber-rattling: To use …

Posted November 18th, 2013

Kirk’s Tired and Dangerous Warning About Appeasement (II)

Mark Kirk keeps relying on tired Munich references in the Iran debate: …

Posted November 14th, 2013

Public Opinion and a Deal with Iran

Max Fisher discusses how Netanyahu might try to kill a deal with …

Posted November 8th, 2013

Closing In On a Deal with Iran

The big news at the end of the week is that negotiations …

Posted November 8th, 2013

The Things Netanyahu “Knows” Aren’t True

Bill Kristol and Michael Makovsky gush over Netanyahu’s keen insights: But he …

Posted October 4th, 2013

The Rotten Fruit of Reflexive Hawkishness

Bret Stephens has achieved a new level of desperate “pro-Israel” hawkishness: How …

Posted October 1st, 2013

Israel Wouldn’t Benefit from Attacking Iran

Bill Kristol’s call for an Israeli attack on Iran is as bad …

Posted September 20th, 2013

Netanyahu and the “Martyr-State” Myth

Scott McConnell comments on hard-liners’ “martyr-state” hysteria regarding Iran: Those trying to …

Posted April 23rd, 2013

Enabling Clients to Act Badly

Greg Scoblete pours cold water on Peter Beinart’s claim that the administration …

Posted December 10th, 2012