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The Perils of “Indispensable Nation” Rhetoric

The U.S. has little at stake in the fight against ISIS, but Obama can’t admit that without rejecting the “indispensable nation” conceit.

Posted October 16th, 2014

Obama’s War Powers Precedents

Obama and his officials have embraced the idea that the president can wage war on his own authority.

Posted October 16th, 2014

Arming Rebels Doesn’t Work

Obama’s decision and Congress’ recent vote to provide arms and training to the “moderate” opposition now look even worse than they already did.

Posted October 15th, 2014

Hawkish Projection and War with Iran

The real problem isn’t that Iran doesn’t take American threats seriously, but that an attack on Iran would be illegal and unpardonably stupid.

Posted October 14th, 2014

The Illegal War Against ISIS (II)

The military intervention in Iraq and Syria is illegal under U.S. law.

Posted October 13th, 2014

The U.S. Needs to End the Latest Unnecessary War

The war against ISIS is failing to achieve its aims, but those aims are far too ambitious for the means that most Americans are willing to use.

Posted October 8th, 2014

Obama and the Escalation Trap

The U.S. doesn’t need to be fighting this war.

Posted October 8th, 2014

The War Against ISIS Isn’t an Electoral Ploy

Politicians don’t get “khaki” election results by starting wars with no end in sight.

Posted October 6th, 2014

Obama and the War on ISIS

Obama has yielded to the consensus in Washington as he has done so often before.

Posted October 2nd, 2014

Obama’s Careless Rhetoric and U.S. “Indispensability”

Obama and other U.S. officials need to get out of the habit of issuing ultimatums in their public statements.

Posted October 1st, 2014

Most Americans Aren’t Hawks

Most Americans don’t identify as hawks, and even more of them don’t want a global “leadership” role for the U.S.

Posted September 30th, 2014

Why the Public Expects Escalation in Iraq and Syria

The public can see that Obama has yielded to pressure for escalation before, and they assume he will do so again.

Posted September 30th, 2014

Why Cameron Recalled Parliament and Obama Ignored Congress

Obama concluded that his mistake last year was not in trying to intervene but rather in bothering to ask for support.

Posted September 25th, 2014

How Long Will the Public Support the War on ISIS?

Public support for military intervention is so fleeting because almost all American wars fought in the last fifty years have been unnecessary ones.

Posted September 25th, 2014

The “Limited” Intervention That Will Take Years

The administration has set down restrictions on what it would be willing to do in Iraq and Syria, and then cast those restrictions aside within days or weeks.

Posted September 23rd, 2014

The Illegal War Against ISIS Spreads to Syria

Loose talk of “destroying” ISIS practically demanded expanding the war into Syria.

Posted September 22nd, 2014

The Unrealistic Goal of “Destroying” ISIS

The goal is unachievable, and pursuing that goal will cost the U.S. far more than anyone was ever willing to lose when the campaign began.

Posted September 22nd, 2014