Let me just echo Rod’s commendation of Ken Myers and the Mars Hill Audio Journal: Ken is awesome and so is the Journal. All these years Ken has had a clear and strong vision and has held firm to it, through thick and thin. I know for a fact that he could have made a lot more money if he had taken more of a culture-warrior approach to the Journal — there were people waiting to give him hatfuls of money if he were only willing to turn himself into an upscaled Rush Limbaugh. But Ken stuck with his more positive and irenic and patient and thoughtful approach. I can’t express how much I honor him for that.

For many years my chief claim to fame was that I was the most-interviewed person on MHAJ, though I may by now have been eclipsed, and possibly by my long-time friend and colleague Roger Lundin. (Ken, call me! I gotta get back to the top!) I would guess that, in the course of my career, the number of people I’ve met who recognize me via MHAJ outnumber the people who know my writing by a ratio of three to one. And in related mathematics, Ken told me once that as many as six people listen to each issue for each one who subscribes. That needs to change.

What particularly interests me about responses to the conversations I’ve had on MHAJ is how the spoken word — especially when it’s edited by a consummate pro like Ken — creates a sense of intimacy that the written word rarely does. Once I was introduced to a woman who had subscribed to the Journal for many years, and as soon as she heard my name she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. “I guess I feel like I know you,” she said.

A number of people have told me that they imagined Ken and me sitting in old leather chairs before a lively fire, perhaps with brandy snifters in hand, as we discussed Art. In fact, we had done interviews for a decade before we ever met: Ken spoke to me from his cabin in the Virginia woods, and I spoke to him from the basement of the Billy Graham Center here on Wheaton’s campus. Modern technology is deceitful above all things. Also pretty cool.