The only computer game I have ever been truly obsessed by was my first: Myst. Oh the countless hours I spent lost in that world. You had to be there, I guess — no, seriously, you had to have accustomed yourself to text adventures and therefore to have no association between computer games and visual stimulation to be as utterly ravished by Myst as I was.

It was the first program I bought for my first computer with a color monitor, the Mac Performa 6116CD, with an emphasis on CD: I was moving from floppy disk to CD that made my Myst obsession possible.

In those days I had a teaching assistant who had the keys to my office and free run of my computer, and I think the game captured him even more completely. One early morning I came in to find on my chair a shakily-printed note reading “MYST HAS RUINED MY LIFE.” When I sat down I discovered that the seat was still warm.

All that to say that I understand the gentleman who has made his very own Linking Book to travel between the worlds of Myst.

I come to join you, my friend! I come to join you!