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City Meditations: 6

In his late book The Four Loves C. S. Lewis writes, St. …

Posted May 9th, 2013

Fantasy and History

Here’s a really fascinatingly provocative post by Adam Roberts: Tolkien’s story is …

Posted April 26th, 2013

On Christianity and Fantasy

So for the past ten years or so I’ve been teaching a …

Posted December 22nd, 2012

The Hobbit: My Review

My review of The Hobbit in one word: Meh. My review of …

Posted December 15th, 2012

On Stewardship

These past couple of weeks I have been teaching The Lord of …

Posted November 1st, 2012

A Long Defeat, A Final Victory

The short-sightedness of political realism

Posted October 30th, 2012